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Consulting for Foreign Trade Operators

Successful international economic activity requires knowledge of the foreign trade operator about the legal environment where the transactions are being performed. In many cases it is very difficult to take into account all the details of the customs legislation and make reasonable decisions that can influence the efficiency and stability of the business.

GESTION LLC employees provide the contract support for their Clients and expert assistance in operating the foreign trade. Customs agent services involve:

  • foreign trade consulting
  • consulting on customs legislation issues, customs tariffs, and foreign trade
  • classification of goods according to the Goods Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activities of the Russian Federation
  • consulting on transfer of goods into equity capital
  • preparation and execution of the required reports for customs authorities connected with the equity capital formation
  • calculation of prepayments
  • consulting on preferences, concessions, restrictions
  • preparation and execution of the documentation package to obtain any preferential conditions, reports for customs authorities
  • calculation of cost per Contract
  • consultation and participation in negotiations on customs clearance issues
  • consultations and assistance in obtaining any permits and certificates
  • consulting on preparation of the documents for Banks, in terms of foreign trade contracts
  • consulting on complex issues with customs authorities
  • Client representation upon administrative or court procedure
  • consulting on post-clearance control
  • implementation of the foreign trade contract and controlling the timely compliance of the liabilities of the contract parties

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