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Transportation of cargo

Motor Transportation

Using its own fleet of motor transport, as well as long-term experience of partnership relations with renowned trucking companies allows GESTION Company to keep the prices for the services of motor transportation within Russia and across the borders at a moderate level and adhere to the principles of individualized approach to the needs of each Client.

In the first place, the Company’s activity in the market of motor transportation is focused on the following:

  • organization of “door-to-door” transportation within Russia and across the borders
  • route optimization
  • transportation of complex, over-dimensional cargo
  • transportation of assorted cargo
  • transportation of sensitive goods such as cooled and frozen products
  • transportation of hazardous cargo
  • cargo delivery from Helsinki to Moscow, St. Petersburg
  • express cargo delivery St. Petersburg – Moscow
  • delivery within St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region
  • transportation of goods by vehicles throughout Russia

Our company specializes in transportation of goods in containers by vehicles.

Some advantages of the activity of our Company in motor transportation are:

  • availability of our own fleet of motor transport
  • possibility of organization of the motor transportation for all the types of cargo
  • providing the forwarding services
  • forwarding of the export cargos
  • issuing of Warranty Certificates for the amount of security ensuring the settlement of custom duties and intra-customs cargo transportation
  • providing the customs clearance services

Air Transportation

Air transportation is a high-speed and reliable method of delivery. Its cost is higher than the cost of transportation by other means (by sea, river, railway or motor transport).

However, the time is even more valuable than money…

GESTION Company provides the services of international air cargo transportation fulfilling the operations of import and export and its delivery from the point of dispatch to the destination point as soon as possible.

Our advantage consists in possibility of comprehensive organization of interna tional air cargo transportation:

  • calculation of the route, the flow sheet and cost of international air transportation
  • execution of the shipping, carriage and customs documentation
  • freight forwarding
  • freight insurance on behalf of the Client
  • “door-to-door” freight delivery
  • obtaining of the required permits, licenses and certificates for the cargos for import and export
  • customs clearance of cargos

Sea Transportation

International sea transportation is the most profitable way of long-distance transportation.

GESTION Company works with major sea transportation lines, shipping agencies and so it can provide the services of cargo transportation by sea for its Clients.

GESTION sea transportation services and intra-port forwarding include:

  • organization of freight transshipment
  • consolidation of small loads
  • organization of container transportation
  • pre-carriage
  • customized logistic structures
  • freighting of vessels of different tonnage for shipment of assorted cargos
  • storage and return of containers in specially equipped port warehouses
  • cargo readressing during its transportation
  • Client representation in port agencies and shipping companies
  • reloading of goods to motor transport and its delivery to consignee's warehouse

Multimodal Transportation

Multimodal transportation is carried out using the sea, motor, rail and air transport, as well as the transloading terminals where the freight is transshipped.

Peculiarity of the multimodal international transportation consists in the necessity of high degree of coordination of activities of all operators of the transport chain, and of the transportation process in general.

GESTION Company provides services of organization of multimodal transportation based on the principles of responsibility for work coordination between all links of transport chain. If requested by the Clients, the Company’s employees can calculate the flow sheet for the efficient multimodal transportation, based on its feasibility, reliability, and optimization of material and time expenditures.


If requested by the Clients, the Company’s employees can organize the freight forwarding, execute all required documents related to the delivery, provide cargo escorting up to the destination point.

Forwarding services involve the following:

  • analysis of the request of the Client and transportation conditions
  • preparation of optimal flow sheet for cargo delivery to the destination point
  • selection of types and methods of delivery
  • stipulation of the terms of transportation
  • freight insurance
  • execution of required shipment documents
  • selection of transport carrier depending on the parameters of the freight
  • information support of transportation
  • determination of rates, terms and order of payment
  • freight storage

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