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Settlement of Customs Disputes

GESTION LLC provides efficient assistance in settlement of disputes regarding customs issues in compliance with the current legislation, on condition of accurate fulfillment of liabilities and full responsibility for the cargo.

Customs agent (broker) GESTION LLC always protects the interests of its Clients dealing with customs authorities.

In terms of our imperfect legislation system, the existing Russian business mentality and image of foreign trade operator, due to complexity and ambiguity of regulations, only professionals can defend your interests.

Professionals of GESTION LLC are ready to protect their Clients’ rights skillfully, answer all the questions of interest to them and offer individual conditions for collaboration.

  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on our services.
Contact us using the most convenient way for you: via e-mail, feedback form, or any of the phone numbers given below.
Free calls within Russia:  телефон 8 800 555 6065
Phone in St. Petersburg:  телефон +7 (812) 702-60-65
We will resolve all issues in a prompt and professional manner!